Machine Control Solutions

3D Excavator Systems

Optimizing the mass excavation stage of a project takes careful planning and execution. We’re here to help with end-to-end solutions that make you faster, more productive and more efficient.

X-53i LPS

Connected, configurable excavation system for precision.

X-53 Excavator

Connected excavation control system for enhanced utility.

X-53i Excavator

Machine control technology to guide precision excavation.

3D Dozer Systems

All Topcon 3D Dozer Systems offer rugged construction, proven site overview and elevation and slope automation and indication.

3D-MC Max

Redefine the capabilities of your dozer.

3D-MC2 Dozer

3D-MC2 maximizes dozer speed and accuracy

i-53 Indicate Dozer System

An indicate dozer system that keeps operators on grade.

3D Motor Grader Systems

Topcon 3D motor grader systems have proven immediate productivity and accuracy increase.


The LZ-T5’s laser transmitter delivers accuracy under rough conditions.

3D-MC Platform

3D-MC offers greater control and safety for graders and dozers.

3D-MC2 Grader

3D-MC² maximizes dozer speed and accuracy.

LPS Robotic Grader

Gives precise positioning if satellite coverage fails.

GNSS Solutions

Topcon GNSS products deliver superior performance through a broad array of patented technologies. Combining signals from multiple satellite systems, our GNSS products calculate highly accurate positions in three dimensions.

HiPer VR

Light, versatile GNSS receiver with TILT

HiPer HR

Multi-purpose GNSS receiver

HiPer SR

Compact, lightweight GNSS receiver

Total Stations

Topcon Total Station Solutions feature renowned optics and legendary durability combined with cutting-edge technology to maximize measurement productivity on a daily basis. With the most powerful reflectorless system available, you receive superb prism tracking and a built-in security standard.


Reflectorless total station with MAGNET Field on-board software


Dependable manual total station


Powerful manual total station with superior EDM


Total station with the most powerful EDM


Robotic total station with ultrasonic direct drive motors


Robotic layout navigator for precise construction workflows.


Smaller, faster total stations that ensure precise measurements.


Optional RC-5A accessory reestablishes prism lock in seconds


Scanning Robotic Total Station


Survey style laser scanner

Software Solutions

Our software is designed for the way you work, with both specialized and modular solutions that integrate with Topcon hardware, and cloud connectivity to bring it all together.

Magnet Office Software

This office companion to our field solutions generates 3D designs and manages project datasets to improve site management.

Magnet Field Software

Our field software is known for being easy to learn and use, and yet powerful enough to meet even the most complex positioning challenges.

Pocket 3D Software

Our field software is known for being easy to learn and use, and yet powerful enough to meet even the most complex positioning challenges.

ClearEdge Software

This automated modeling and object-recognition software uses point cloud data captured by Topcon instruments and processed with MAGNET Collage to create documentation and complete the construction verification process.


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