Magnet Field Software

The engine to field productivity 

MAGNET Field, the engine for our field-productivity package, is designed to accelerate productivity, increase accuracy and better connect project teams. The intuitive software is easy to learn and use and yet has the power to solve even the most complex positioning challenges. Surveyors and contractors alike use MAGNET Field to collect data points, stake out road and site projects, lay out building components and perform land surveys. Running MAGNET Field on a ruggedized Topcon controller brings field-proof high-computing capabilities directly to your job site. 

Field-based data management

The growing trend is for field personnel to handle data like control points, construction drawings, quality reports and as-built documentation directly from the field controller. In many cases, this can even be done without the need for office software. Quickly set up your projects; store the information you need; share your daily work instead of sending the whole file back and forth each day; and securely back up the data to the cloud.