Topcon LZ-T5

Enhance your GNSS positional accuracy with the latest in laser engineering. The LZ-T5 performs in a variety of working environments, including the most challenging jobsite conditions. Ideal for any task, the LZ-T5 can function as a single Millimeter GPS solution for paving, grading and grade-checking operations.

  • Large working range — up to 8,000 ft horizontally and 132 ft vertically
  • User-friendly design for grade management on the go
  • Multiple-machine and -rover control
  • Finish grade 24/7, even with minimal satellite coverage
  • Extended battery life — up to 18 hours


NOTE: Due to interstate and international shipping constraints, Topcon products do not include alkaline batteries. Types and numbers of alkaline batteries required for each product are clearly indicated as part of the product package and should be purchased locally.