Topcon RC-5

If you have worked on a busy jobsite with a robotic total station, you know that obstructions can sometimes break the lock between the total station and a pole-mounted prism. Without the RC-5A, the process of reacquiring this lock can be time-consuming, potentially causing delays and downtime.

The RC-5A GT Series accessory provides the fastest and simplest way to relock the connection to the prism when line of sight has been interrupted. Simply tap the field software once, and the robotic total station will detect the fan-shaped laser beam emitted by the RC-5A and relock within seconds.

  • 300-meter, single-tap prism acquisition
  • Extends instrument communication to 600-meter Longlink™
  • Works with GT Series instruments
  • Ruggedized IP-55 rating
  • 40-hour battery life