SubSurface Instruments – PL-G


Pipe & Cable Locator with 4 detecting methods and multi-frequency operation.

The PL-G Pipe and Cable Locator provides an accurate and professional way to locate utilities. With 4 frequencies to choose from and 4 detecting methods the PL-G provides a solution for every demand on the field. It comes equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity that transfers the data collected to your Android device. With handy features like vibrating handle, backlit LCD display and auto Direct Mode activation when connected dedicated cable is recognized by the unit, the PL-G makes the locating process fast and efficient.


  • Blue-tooth is available on receiver and the collected measuring data can be transferred to your blue-tooth connected smart-phone*.
  • The transmitter automatically switches to “Direct Mode” when the connected dedicated cable is recognized by the unit.
  • Impedance and phase are displayed during loop-check for more accurate performance.
  • Indicator of nearest pipe is clearly displayed on the screen and the vibration mode allows an easier a user-friendly operation.
  • The continuous depth measurement mode displays the depth of the pipe on the screen to ensure there are no sudden changes that can affect the readings.
  • Compass feature. This feature helps the user to maintain a correct path over the pipe or cable by showing visual indication of the orientation of the pipe or cable that’s being tracked.

* The Blue-Tooth feature is only available for Android devices at the moment.