SubSurface Instruments – AquaTrac MU/DC


The perfect balance between advanced technology, accuracy, and affordability

The New Aqua Trac™ water leak detector is a great addition to our product line. Equipped with a high-quality microphone and new materials is extremely compact and lightweight. It’s the perfect solution for plumbers and contractors offering entry-level operation, pre-defined filters, and one of the most affordable options in the market.

Inside of its rugged carrying case the unit is shock protected and waterproof certified to an Ingress Protection Level IP68. Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion internal battery, the Aqua Trac allows the operator to complete its task without the need to replace batteries.

  • Considered one of the best leak detection locators for the price.
  • Large meter display, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact location.
  • Three selectable filters.
  • High-sensitivity ground microphone to offer the best quality sound.
  • Three accessories for pinpointing a leak. Ground plate, Magnetic base, and Contact rods.

The Aqua Trac™ has all the necessary functions for the acoustic detection of water leaks in buried pipes. Through its potent ground microphone, the noises can be heard directly from the pipe as well as on the ground. The noise level is displayed on the equipment’s screen in graphical form, as well as numerically. The unit identifies the frequency of the audio collected which is then transmitted into the headset, this process is an intrinsic part of the whole system. The headphones are equipped with noise isolating features that allow the user to acquire the best audio possible, and to pinpoint the water leak location.


  • Large backlit meter display and adjustable volume allow the user to pinpoint the exact leak location.
  • Lightweight amplifier, one handed operation.
  • Three selectable pre-determined filters.
  • Unlimited custom frequencies can be selected to set Maximum and Minimum parameters.
  • High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer the very best quality sound for leak detection.
  • Three accessories for attachment to the sensor: Ground plate for pinpointing on streets/slabs, magnet base for surveying at hydrants/valves, and contact rods for surveying at meters/fittings.