Carlson – Autel EVO II Pro


The Autel Robotics EVO II Pro RTK is an advanced, proven aerial platform used for high accuracy imagery gathering in the surveying, construction, engineering, mining, quarry, land development, and related industries.  

Key Features 

  • FAA Remote ID Compliant 
  • RTK module for accuracy 
  • 36 minute flight time 
  • Level 8 wind resistance (39-46mph/62-74kph)
  • 20mp 1” sensor camera on gimbal 
  • Smart controller with 7.9” screen 
  • Built-in mission planning software 
  • Compact, folding design for easy transport

Bundle with the power of Carlson Point Cloud for further manipulation including bare earth filtering and feature extraction directly to CAD, the Autel EVO II Pro RTK becomes a powerful companion to traditional instruments and methods. Or use it with Carlson PhotoCapture for the creation of surfaces, point clouds, orthoimages, and more! All backed by the best unlimited, free tech support in the industry. 


Recommended Software Solutions

A modular program that provides the ability to go from field scan to finished plat, Carlson Point Cloud delivers powerful automation for large data sets. View and process up to 1 billion points all with Carlson ease-of-use.

  • Register scans to local coordinates, filter or decimate the points, and overlay raster images in 3D
  • Snap to edges and code descriptions for automated field-to-finish processing of linework and symbols
  • Create contours, profiles, sections, and breaklines from within the point cloud

Lastly, all surface models, points, contours, breaklines, grid and profiles can be exported to CAD.

Aerial surveying and drone photogrammetry is rapidly becoming a vital part of any surveyor’s toolkit. Thousands of people use drone site flyovers every day to help boost efficiency and lower costs. With Carlson PhotoCapture drone photo processing software, you can use flyover data to: Quickly generate interactive 3D maps of sites Capture highly accurate 3D site data from any camera Share site maps with customers – anywhere, anytime! Save man-hours in the field Our proprietary technology helps you track and share every metric about your site from anywhere in the world. PhotoCapture is available both as a cloud-based service and as a standalone desktop application.