Hemisphere LandMetrix™

Introducing Hemisphere GNSS’ new OEM application software and hardware for building your agriculture guidance and control systems.

Hemisphere’s industry-leading technology empowers your applications using core hardware and software design services. Starting with your unique accuracy and durability requirements, we design solutions that promote your business values.

Hemisphere can create any agriculture guidance and control solution from the ground up. With a world-class in-house design and software team that develops the core technologies, to creating the GNSS OEM boards, and manufacturing the finished products, the possibilities are endless. Hemisphere will ensure that the right level of technology is built into each solution by working closely with the customer, from start to finish.

Both OEMs and end users who use the technology benefit from Hemisphere’s overall customer-first, service-oriented philosophy, giving customers the distinct ability to manage their business variables with technological flexibility and scalability.

Hemisphere’s LandMetrix OEM application software platform provides the ultimate tool for you to manage your machines for any guidance or control application. Whether it is land preparation, planting, spraying, or harvesting applications, you can re-brand the LandMetrix software to sell as your own.

Key Features

  • Single unit machine control and GNSS solution with internal radio and NTRIP options for differential corrections
  • Single and dual-antenna solutions
  • Auto-steer guidance modes for AB, PIVOT, and
    GRID patterns
  • Multiple steering interfaces
  • Vehicle-specific installation kits
  • ISO 11783 support for seamless integration with existing OEM terminal solutions
  • NMEA2000 position output (with dynamic corrected position for control point)
  • Ethernet capabilities
  • Multiple terminal options
  • Smart antenna and RTK base station options