Hemisphere IronOne Rugged Display & Terminal

IronOne is a rugged display and computer designed for tough and extreme conditions. Ideal for machine control environments requiring an easy to read display, powerful I/O, and flexible adoption into multiple applications.

IronOne is equipped with an 8” LCD display containing a high-sensitivity touchscreen. Providing an IP67 rating, IronOne is designed to function in challenging environments including machine control. Showcasing an outstanding image quality with a 1280×720 resolution, the IronOne is easy to read and use in low or high visibility scenarios. With the processing power of an Intel dual-core processor, the IronOne will handle large file transfers and complex file formats. IronOne includes 32GB internal SSD.

IronOne runs on a fully featured Windows 10 platform. Allowing complete Windows support with the ruggedness to stand up to the extreme environments of heavy machinery.