Hemisphere Earthworks™

Hemisphere’s Earthworks OEM toolkit allows manufacturers to select components, à-la-carte or as complete solutions, based on their accuracy and durability requirements and integrate into their machines to design their own IP, allowing OEMs to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Hemisphere owns the design of the toolkit and its components and ensures each component is reliable with guaranteed compliance through design.

The fully customizable and flexible toolkit provides the ability to tailor displays and outputs, per OEM requirements, providing OEMs with flexible options to truly build their own branded systems. This allows for much faster times to market, driving increased revenue streams for OEMs, and provides a high cost/value ratio. From grading, to mining, to excavation, Hemisphere’s Earthworks OEM toolkit will increase your accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

Ruggedized Hardware
Our complete guidance solution is powered by the VR500 all-in-one smart antenna. The VR500 has undergone extensive shock, vibration, and environmental testing to ensure that it is ready to stand up to the harshest jobsite conditions. The IronOne rugged display features an 8” high-brightness touchscreen display for visibility in direct sunlight. The optional TS2 blade tilt sensor is an industry proven unit, designed to perform in challenging environments.

Access to Advanced Technology Features
Hemisphere’s Atlas® is an innovative positioning service that delivers correction signals via L-band satellites at scalable accuracies ranging from sub-meter to sub-decimeter levels. Leveraging more than 200 reference stations worldwide and L-band satellites distributing corrections, virtually all the earth’s landmass has coverage. Atlas support is available on all Atlas-capable Hemisphere single and dual-frequency, multi-GNSS, RTK- capable hardware.

Atlas compliments third-party GNSS receivers by allowing them to use Atlas corrections with Hemisphere’s innovative BaseLink® capabilities. Also included, is Hemisphere’s aRTK™ technology. aRTK is an Atlas-based RTK augmentation system that provides RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail.