Carlson LandfillGrade

Extend the Life of Any Landfill

Carlson LandfillGrade introduces accuracy and complete efficiency to landfill operations. With GPS-powered machine guidance, landfill operators can optimize airspace usage and greatly reduce the risk of landfill leachate.

LandfillGrade maximizes compaction and enables machines to reach optimum density in less time — saving time and resources. Site supervisors and operators can easily track compaction in real-time with color mapping using pass counts or verticle deflection. Carlson’s complete landfill solution includes Carlson Command, which allows teams to analyze productivity and generate live reports from anywhere.


  • Eliminate overfill of outer design slopes
  • Truly record material placement
  • Mark avoidance zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement
  • View daily density calculations through scale house weight & import
  • Monitors forward and reverse compaction
  • Remotely monitor machines and material placement
  • Activate historical playback for machines and material placement
  • Collect and stake points